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Done-for-You Consulting Funnel

A simple system for coaches and consultants to attract, book, and sign new clients with the click of a button!

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Read This Important Message

Dear Coach/Consultant,


If you want to create a consistent 6-figure coaching business you can scale, break out of the feast or famine rollercoaster and stabilize your income, or even if you just want to feel confident you always have a full pipeline of ideal clients waiting to work with you, then this is the most important message you'll read all year!


Here's why...


Because until you have a system in place to dependably attract your ideal client and automatically load your calendar with breakthrough calls, your business will be feast or famine, and will never be truly scalable!


DAWN MARRS, Automation Expert


I'll Let You In on an Industry Secret...

My name is Dawn Marrs over the course of the last 5 years, I've worked with hundreds of coaching and consulting businesses and helped many to scale to 6 figures+ per month.


And I'm going to let you in on a little secret...


The successful businesses are all running the same play.


Sure we tweak the branding.


The voice of the sales copy.


Sometimes the timing of the emails.


But the actual process?


They’re so similar I can literally copy and paste from one company to another.


Even when the niche is different?




Doesn’t matter if it’s for …


☀️a life coach
☀️a financial consultant
☀️a motivational speaker
☀️a keynote speaker


As long as you sell a service, a course, or a digital product...


The process stays the same.

The Problem

The trouble is, unless you're behind the scenes, it's hard to know exactly what's working... 


Here are some of the questions I get asked all the time... 


  • What kind of landing pages and offers actually convert to leads? 
  • Which email messages actually entice prospects to book appointments? 

  • How often should you email your list to get the best results?

And they're important questions!


Which is why, instead of just telling you what to do - or showing you how to do it, I've done it for you. 


The 6-Figure Consulting Funnel

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What You Get with Our Done for You System

The EXACT system my clients have used to generate 6 figures in revenue

Professionally written email series proven to convert subscribers to paying clients

Battle-tested landing pages designed to transform your cold market into warm subscribers

Book yourself solid with our done-for-you sales presentation

The "After Call Follow Up" system that turns a luke-warm "maybe" into a HELL YES!

Easy to follow video training walks you click by click through every step of the process from start to finish

Simple integration with your favorite appointment booking tool (Acuity, OnceHub, Calendly etc)

Our "Red Carpet" onboarding system to ensure a great experience for your valuable new clients

BONUS: Our exclusive Resistance Free Selling to turn discovery calls into paying clients, even if you hate selling

Total Value: $10,997

Regular Price: $3900

TODAY $2497

So Here's The Bottom Line With Our
Done-For-You Consulting Funnel

The Consulting Funnel was created with the coach in mind and provides the exact system our clients have used to create 6- and 7-figure coaching businesses.

Installed with a single click into your Ontraport account, the system includes every landing page, email, and automation you need to automatically attract, book, and onboard your ideal clients at will.

Our in-depth video training takes you through the system step-by-step so that you never have to worry about tech slowing you down. And the best part?

You can be up and running, booking breakthrough calls in as little as 48 hours!

All for one low price - without spending a fortune to hire someone to do it for you.

Battle-tested landing pages

You want what's actually working... no fluff. Our landing pages have been tested and proven with hundreds of thousands in ad spend across many coaching niches. 

Complete Automation

Install the exact system behind the success of million-dollar coaching businesses... no guess work required!

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 Your complete Client Attraction System, installed with a single click

Professionally written email series

Maximize your marketing efforts using a professionally written email series designed to attract and book your ideal audience, and convert them to paying clients.

In depth video guide

Let our in-depth training guide you through the customization process to ensure your Consulting Funnel is unique to your brand and voice. 

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Get Instant Access

Install your Consulting Funnel today and start booking clients in as little as 48 hours from now!


Customer Reviews​

What other happy clients have to say

 "As an officer I worked long hours and had no control over my schedule. What I truly wanted was the freedom to be home with my son. This system gave me the opportunity to earn more money in a month than I earned as a Sheriff's Deputy in 3 months and gave me the confidence and revenue I need to finally resign."

sherri somers

Sherri Somers


 "I waited for years to get my marketing in place because I was scared of tech. I put Dawn's system to work and closed more than $15k in sales in my first 14 days."

desirae king

Desirae King


 "As a busy mom of two young children and owner of a chain of successful gymnastics studios, I needed an automated system to do the heavy lifting of booking new clients. Dawn's system was exactly what I needed!"​

katie cannon

Katie Cannon


Frequently Asked Questions

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